Fabulous Fan Fayre are committed to minimising any harmful effect our activities have on the environment and to working with suppliers, customers and the local community to enact this policy. We believe in shared responsibility to care for the environment and the company will encourage environmental awareness at all levels of their organisation. Fabulous Fan Fayre will:

1. Adopt and advance environmental best practice within its working environments

2. Minimise energy consumption, water consumption and waste

3. Conduct regular surveys of sites and activities to minimise harm to the environment and improve efficiency

4. Strive to achieve best efficiency and minimise the environmental impact of all capital projects

5. Pursue an environmentally sound transport stategy

6. Work with suppliers and customers to minimise excess packaging and promote the use of recyclable materials

7. Where practical, provide for alternative uses or recycling for waste materials

8. Implement supplier evaluation systems to promote environmental improvements

9. Encourage and support environmentally sound agricultural systems

10. Adopt procedure that are necessary to ensure compliance with all relevant environmental legislation

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