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We are committed to creating a positive atmosphere for our employees. We believe in the honour of service where no request is unreasonable and going the extra mile isn’t the exception, it’s the expectation. This philosophy is at the heart of everything we do and helps to form the foundation on which we operate. Our comprehensive staff training program is built on the core belief that providing the right culture through proper training, management and reward recognition develops an engaging, well-informed and aligned employee. It is our belief that that translates directly to the enhancement of the guest experience. We are committed to ensuring the highest level of performance and development of our employees. Our annual performance review process is centred around employee objectives that are focused on both business and personal development. We create Business Objectives to support the business’ priorities, include statements of improvements in services, products or procedures and/or innovative solutions that are aligned to the company’s, team’s, and client’s objectives. Personal Development Objectives include statements of desired improvements to increase the capability of our employees. They reflect the employee’s specific short- and long-term career development priorities – leadership capability, functional excellence, knowing the business, and critical experiences. In addition, all employees are evaluated against their ability to uphold the eight core behaviours we feel are essential to success at Fabulous Fan Fayre – Customer Service, Innovation, Quality, Drive for Results, Teamwork, Integrity, Building Talent, and Inspiring Others. We recognise the importance our recruitment strategy, processes and practices make to the continued success of our business. Current and future employees are our key resource to promote competitive advantage. We seek to employ the best individuals to fill our vacancies and to provide the essential skills and attributes to meet the current and future needs of our business. This approach naturally embraces diversity, to provide expertise, challenge and imagination, and all individuals should be recruited solely on the basis of their ability and in accordance with our equal opportunity policy. This policy is not contractual, but aims to set out the way in which Fabulous Fan Fayre manages its recruitment activities.



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To ensure that the best candidates are attracted and appointed we use any or all of the following methods: advertising the vacancy on the Internet; external advertisement in an appropriate paper or journal; using networks including our own staff referral scheme (although balancing this with the need for diversity). Since the way that we recruit reveals a lot about our business to external candidates and contacts, as well as describing the role well, it is also essential to convey the culture and environment within which we work. All adverts state: “Fabulous Fan Fayre is an equal opportunities employer and values diversity.“ Reference to our equal opportunity policy will also be made on job and person descriptions. All applications are handled in confidence and circulated only to those involved in the recruitment process.


Care is taken to use selection methods and techniques which are relevant to the job. These are reviewed regularly to ensure their fairness and consistency of application. Interviews are always conducted or supervised by trained individuals. Where possible, the same people will be involved in the whole recruitment process including shortlisting and interviewing and if interviews take place on separate days the same people will interview on both occasions. All short-listed candidates will be offered a face-to-face interview. This is structured to follow a previously agreed set of questions, mirroring the person specification. The information provided by applicants will be thoroughly considered. Candidates will also be given the opportunity to ask questions. If any tests are to be given (e.g. skills tests, presentations, aptitude tests), the candidates will be given details in advance. Any tests/presentations must be relevant to the post and, if necessary, guidance from appropriate professionals given, particularly in the case of psychometric tests. Where any psychometric or aptitude tests are administered, qualified test administrators will offer appropriate feedback to candidates.


Because of the size of our collective organizations and the diversity of work we undertake, the opportunity for individuals to grow in their careers is exceptional. We already have a number of individuals who have crossed over between our businesses. With such initiatives we can offer career starting points that have real momentum to propel individuals to the highest levels achievable within our business sectors. To date Fabulous Fan Fayre provides employment to some 1200 people in its own right.

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Date Title Location Salary Sector
Aug 2018 Retail & Beverage Manager Vicarage Road - Watford Football Club Competitive Salary Public
May 2018 Sous Chef Manchester City Football Club Competitive Salary Culinary
Date Title Location Salary Sector
Aug 2018 Retail & Beverage Manager Vicarage Road - Watford Football Club Competitive Salary Public
Date Title Location Salary Sector
May 2018 Sous Chef Manchester City Football Club Competitive Salary Culinary

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